Specialist Waste

Saving you money on your waste requirements, is our Number One Goal!

As one of the UK’s leading minerals, mining and quarry focused waste brokers, we use our experience and extensive panel of providers to offer you significant savings on a personalised commercial waste management solution tailored to the needs of your business, whatever the size.

Hargreaves Minerals, in partnership with our Environmental Services business, provides comprehensive and long-term business waste management services, ranging from waste recovery and recycling to treatment and disposal.

Our aim is to:

  • Remove unnecessary costs

  • Reduce your organisation’s impact on the environment

  • Ensure compliance and health and safety best practices

What excites us is the ability to turn innovation into practical reality for our customers to help them achieve their environmental goals.

Stephen Barker Managing Director - Hargreaves (UK) Services Limited

With our UK business being multi-faceted we have the ability to offer a sort/load, transport and disposal service (primarily through recovery) so that when you engage with us we can be a one stop shop.

We can best demonstrate this through a recent tyre disposal service we offered in South Wales where we were able to individually load the 1.6 tonnes earthmover tyres onto a flatbed truck before delivery into recovery facility to produce marine oil.

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