Land Restoration and Aftercare

Hargreaves Minerals in partnership with our Environmental Services business has been providing solution-driven restoration, landscape and environmental management to mineral and waste operators for many years, working co-operatively with clients, neighbouring landowners and statutory authorities to achieve the best result for all parties.

By building a strong relationship with key environmental stakeholders and statutory consultees, we can bring a unique balance of innovative, pragmatic and cost-effective advice to a range of projects.

Mines and Quarries:

Our team possesses specific expertise in the restoration and aftercare of mines and quarries.

Working with industry regulators, we provide innovative solutions that result in low aftercare, future development opportunities, and an end-use programme. We import suitable materials, such as local soils and composts, using appropriate environmental permits to sustainably restore sites after quarrying.


Landfill sites:

Once operations are complete on existing landfill locations, there can be a variety of complex issues, both environmentally and financially, that arise from waste legacy site management. These sites can make the land unusable for future development purposes, however, we can effectively restore these areas, reducing management costs and improving the local environment by providing usable land for developments and communities.

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