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Headquartered on the west coast of Scotland near Ayr, we are a leading environmental services provider across the UK offering a unique combination of technical expertise and practical experience. We are ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accredited.

We have a wide capability offering which includes:

Carbon Sequestration and Forestry Creation

Hargreaves Environmental Services is leading the way in planned UK woodland creation for carbon capture....

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Land Remediation

Hargreaves Environmental Services has remediated around 2,000 acres of land across five former open-cast mining sites....

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Land Restoration and Aftercare

Providing solution-driven restoration, landscape and environmental management to mineral and waste operators for many years....

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Geotechnical Assessments

Our professionally qualified geotechnical engineers, with over 20 years of experience, are on hand to assist with any geotechnical and geo-environmental aspects of your project....

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Environmental Site Surveys

Hargreaves Environmental Services has extensive experience in undertaking environmental surveys and monitoring services throughout the UK....

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Specialist Waste

Our environmental services business provides comprehensive and long-term business waste management services....

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Hargreaves Environmental Services has restored and remediated over 10,000 acres of land.

Our technical experts work with customers to provide a professional, flexible, cost effective and compliant range of land management and carbon offsetting services. Across a wide range of environmental requirements, including accessing, remediating, restoring and adding value through carbon capture on unused and derelict sites.

We manage projects, from the initial enquiry through to delivery phase, while also being able to contribute and lead on specific requirements of larger projects. We believe this flexibility to work with existing in-house or sub-contractor teams is a key benefit to our service offering.

Likewise, our ability to consult with local and statutory authorities by providing solutions across a broad range of land banks will be of benefit to you and make your environmental project experience a positive one.

Sites include:

  • Brownfield sites
  • Ex-Mineral sites
  • Open-cast mines
  • Landfills and quarries

Robin Waddell, Acquisitions Agent & VDL Project Manager at Forestry and Land Scotland:

“The Forestry and Land Scotland Vacant and Derelict Land projects aim to re-green former open-cast coal sites and open up new, vibrant green spaces to help revitalise communities and local landscapes blighted by the legacy of open-cast mining. The project will also contribute towards national climate change ambitions, including targets for creating new woodlands, locking up carbon, and improving biodiversity.

From our initial meetings with Hargreaves Environmental Services five years ago, it was clear that we shared goals of regenerating these barren ex open-cast landscapes. Since then, we have worked closely to develop a partnership that sees Hargreaves Environmental Services remediate these moonscapes to our specification, which is designed to de-compact the “soils” and add sufficient nutrients to allow the free growth of trees. The sites are then transferred to us to develop the woodland.

Our long-term vision is to transform sites across South Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and in Fife by planting about 5,000,000 trees to create 2,500ha of vibrant and economically productive greenspace.

Our partnership with Hargreaves Environmental Services, and getting sites to the condition where they are ready to plant, is a huge step towards meeting that ambition".

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