Land Remediation

Hargreaves Environmental Services has remediated around 2,000 acres of land across five former open-cast coal mining sites.

The team has a demonstrable history of bringing derelict land back to life, allowing the creation of new forestry and much needed carbon offsetting.

Land "before and after" remediation at St Ninian's former opencast:


Our team has a wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience in the remediation of derelict land. Our specialists have helped customers overcome challenges on large and small remediation projects for over 12 years.

We know that complex remediation projects can be difficult, stressful, and always carry an element of environmental and contractual risk. However, over the years our proven and established solutions have provided innovative, cost-effective solutions that have added significant value to a range of restoration projects.

Successful outcomes have allowed customers to realise the true financial and environmental potential of their landbank. We take suboptimal, poor quality, sterile land and convert it into land that will support long-term agriculture or forestry. Our capabilities include site investigation works, various surveys, site redesign, planning alterations, permitting, seeking compliant input materials, and the manufacture of an end-use that is fit for purpose.

Along the journey, we manage and reduce the liabilities, responding to the varied challenges that derelict land remediation can pose. We also have a proven ability of delivering projects on time, on budget, and to the highest levels of health and safety.

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