Gold CSR Accreditation

This accreditation is an effective way to benchmark what a business does with regard to corporate social responsibility. It is a process in which we collated, measured and reported on the full range of our organisation’s socially responsible activities and provides a roadmap for planning future activity. The accreditation required us to report on areas such as energy performance, recycling, staff engagement, health and well-being, community engagement and supporting local and national charities, all of which confirms the positive activity the company is involved in. Our accreditation lasts for three years which enables this process to be ongoing to ensure we remain vigilant and proactive to business and legislative changes going forward. Additionally, for every accreditation gained, a tree is planted to help offset the environmental impact of the business.

We have been independently assessed by Integrum ESG and are proud to have been awarded an A rating. This overall ESG rating has been calculated based on the breakdown from areas of governance, sustainability and impact. An A rating indicates a very good overall approach to ensuring a company acts in line with expected standards for environmental, social and governance matters.