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The Hargreaves Group is a market leader of a wide range of environmental and industrial services across the UK, South East Asia and South Africa.

Services are provided through a number of subsidiary trading entities including Hargreaves (UK) Services Limited, Hargreaves Industrial Services Limited, Blackwell Earthmoving Limited and Hargreaves Asia.

UK Services:

Environmental Services

Specialists in land remediation, waste solutions and environmental enhancement through carbon sequestering....

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Materials Handling Operational and Maintenance

Operating in a wide variety of industries Hargreaves Industrial Services is materials handling experts....

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Specialist Earthworks Contracting (UK)

A leading supplier of specialist earthworks contracting services across the UK for over 60 years....

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Bulk Logistics

Experts in the provision of bulk transport solutions for the waste, agricultural and construction sectors....

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Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance

Project engineering and term contracts delivering electrical and mechanical maintenance and engineering....

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Earthmoving Consultancy

Professional advisory services to the UK’s largest infrastructure clients in the transport and power sectors....

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Mineral Products and Services

The UK’s leading mining services provider including geotechnical and quarrying services....

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Project Engineering

As project managers, we work with a network of approved manufacturing supply chain partners....

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International Services:

Industrial, Access and Power Services - Asia

Committed to delivering cutting-edge industrial, access and power services in Asia. Services provided by Hargreaves Asia.

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Hargreaves South Africa

An evolving company operating within the metal and engineering industry.

Services provided by South Africa Pty Limited.

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