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European Raw Materials Services

A key supplier of specialist raw materials to major European customers. (Joint venture with HRMS)

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European Raw Materials Services - Germany (CPP)

Operator of a state of the art Carbon Pulverisation Plant, processing and supplying carbon fuels. (Joint venture with HRMS)

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Ferrous Residual Material Recycling - Germany

Recycling and recovering value from ferrous materials. (Joint venture with HRMS)

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Raw Materials
HRMS has worldwide expertise in raw material sourcing. This, combined with the Hargreaves Group expertise in port operations, material handling, storage operations and logistics, marketing and technical support, creates an ideal platform for the company to compete in the wider European market.

Specialist raw materials are sourced from, amongst others, China, Eastern Europe, South Africa, and North America.

Carbon Pulverisation Plant
At the industrial site of Duisburg, Hargreaves has built a new state of the art carbon drying and pulverisation plant to provide a highly efficient, local supply of pulverised carbon product for furnaces in the German steel and other heavy industries. This material can replace the highly sulphurous brown lignite coal often used in such processes.

DK Recycling und Roheisen GmbH
In December 2019, HRMS acquired DK, one of the largest recyclers for ferrous residual materials and a producer of high-quality pig iron for the foundry industry. The DK process also recovers high quality zinc concentrate.


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