Environmental Site Surveys

Hargreaves Environmental Services has extensive experience in undertaking environmental surveys and monitoring services throughout the UK.

Our specialist quarry and mining consultants have a thorough understanding of risk, safety and local authority planning requirements. We can ensure planning, compliance and safety conditions are met or discharged as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As a business, understanding your environmental risk is key to ensuring legal compliance and minimising the potential for fines or pollution. Environmental incidents remain a regular occurrence in the UK, with the Environment Agency reporting two significant incidents per day.

Our staff can provide site surveys to identify potential risk areas, focusing on regulatory compliance, community safety, pollution prevention and drainage environmental risk assessment.

All findings are detailed in a comprehensive report, along with recommendations for measures to reduce the company’s environmental risk exposure.

Our team can also mitigate your environmental monitoring concerns through the monitoring of air, noise, vibration and water. Our environmental specialists ensure that acceptable limits or legal limits for public protection, and even the protection of flora and fauna, are not breached.


Typical mining and minerals services provided by Hargreaves Environmental Services:

  • Environmental audit of quarry operations and mining sites
  • Air monitoring
  • Geological exploration
  • Noise monitoring
  • Water monitoring
  • Abandoned mine working surveys
  • Spoil heap stability assessment and remediation
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Integrated hydrogeological, hydrological, geotechnical and environmental impact studies
  • Hydrogeological assessment of quarries
  • Waste soil classification
  • Outdoor impact assessments

We provide environmental and geotechnical monitoring services as part of site investigations or as a standalone service.

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