Company Structure

Hargreaves operations are managed across the the following structure.

Distribution and Services

Production and Distribution

Coal Production and Distribution

Coal distribution activities, predominantly to speciality coal markets, served through a combination of output from the House of Water coal production site in Scotland and from imports.

Transport and Logistics Services

This operation continues to offer bullk haulage services, which has widened to include recycling, waste and construction markets.

Specialist Earthworks 

The acquisition of CA Blackwell in January 2016 created an established platform for the Group to develop a strong long term specialist earthworks business.

Industrial Services

A range of industrial services, such as materials handling and operation and maintenance, to the industrial sectors in both the UK and Hong Kong.


With the Group controlling some 15,000 acres of land across the UK, Hargreaves is progressing plans to realise significant value from this portfolio.

To see what we do in more detail, please visit the sectors section of this website.