Hargreaves at a glance

Hargreaves Services plc is a diversified group delivering services to the industrial and property sectors.

Listed on AIM (LON:HSP) and headquartered in Durham, our 2,000+ employees are spread around the world delivering a vast array of projects and services.

Our history is steeped in coal through mining, sourcing, processing and blending, moving and handling. We still have a number of operations and services in the Production and Distribution sector and now possess one of the largest mobile plant fleets in Europe, but today Hargreaves delivers much more.

After a series of strategic acquisitions, our land portfolio across the UK is currently 15,000 acres. Our focus now is on adding value to this land through development. For further information visit the Hargreaves Land website.

Whilst we still carry out our traditional activities such as industrial services and logistics, these have now broadened to incorporate renewable energy, civil engineering and land restoration and remediation.

Take a look at the various sectors we work in to find out more.