Surface Mining

Hargreaves Surface Mining currently operates or manages nine surface mines across the UK - seven in Scotland, one in Wales and one in England - making Hargreaves one of the largest developers of surface coal sites in the British Isles.

Surface mining is the extraction of coal from seams lying just underneath the surface of the land.

It is fast and precise: the majority of surface mines typically operate for between two and five years with progressive site restoration a key part of the process. Sensitive aftercare programmes help ensure individual landscapes are returned to their original state – and in some instances even improved - for the benefit and enjoyment of local communities.

Depending upon individual circumstances, former surface mine sites can include features such as rich wildlife habitats, high quality farmland, recreation facilities, housing development or business parks, all tailored to local needs.

Coal is a vitally important part of the UK’s energy mix. In 2014, it consistently provides around 40% of all electricity generated in the UK and the coal industry employs thousands of skilled workers, both directly and also indirectly through companies involved in the supply chain.